Sloted Waveguide 17 Dbi

This was my first Sloted waveguide antenna ever built by me ,the information was taken from Trevor Marshal and Freenet Antennas sites.
This antenna should have a gain of about 17 dbi and its a 8 slot version meaning it radiates it's most energy only on one side(sectorial),there are other versions you can build.

On the freenet Antennas there is a page you can find all the necessary information, there is an Excel file very handy to build your sloted waveguide ,you just have to add the dimensions of the aluminium pipe and it will calculate it for 8,8+8,16,16+16 slots version or cantenna ,if you want to use a circular waveguide.
In my case it was used a pipe of 100x40 mm ,remember the insert the inside dimensions of the pipe in the Excel.

The final look is this.
A PVC tube where the antenna is inside to avoid electrical discharges and corrosion.


Chad said...

How do you make the feed for the waveetenna?

rt_rex said...

The feed is a regura cober wire with a total lenght of 31 mm.
You can also use a "Discone"(google it)

tallguide said...

Thanks for posting such a nice and informative blog.Nice explanations through attractive diagrams.I appreciate you for posting this blog.



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