My First Wireless Device

The Asus WL-167G wireless pen was my first wireless device :)
My very first "wardrives" were made with it.
This is has a rt2570 chipset from Ralink and work's whith Linux ,Mac and Free Bsd(Pfsense)
It has an internal connector but the real deal was the Frigitenna,wich is a frying baskett with a hole in it and the wireless pen inserted verticaly,the original idea was from Poor Man's Wifi , i was actually looking for a chinese wok,but then i saw a frying basket for the price of one euro (1€),and it was a must have deal :P

In a test i made comparing a Linksys WRT54GS V1.1 and a C54APT(D-link 2100 Clone) @ 7 km away i used the Wl-167G with the Frigitenna,have a look at the video below

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