76 km Wireless Link 802.11b

After two failures we finally made it !
Two wireless communities got together and planed a link of 76 km .
We used Senao radios ,one access point and one pcmcia(prism chipset) .
The antenas used had a gain of 24 dbi (Stella).
Just to let you know all the hardware we had to carry up-hill for about 700 meters walking :

Gasoline generator 25kg,UPS 1000 va 13 kg,2 grids 24 dbi antennas ,2 tripods,access points(Aironet 1200,Senao),back packs with laptops and cables.This was logistics of the MWP-OLHÃO Crew

The MWP-LAGOS crew add some easier task until they reached the spot,but the weather was not helping ,they had rain just after the antennas were mounted

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